UAIC Organizational Chart



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General Information

It is the policy of the UAIC to organize dioceses when the need exists. Need is determined by a complex formula which considers the distribution of clergy over a given geography, the nature of the ministries in that area, the fact that UAC clergy are bi-vocational, and a number of subjective criteria. The governing body of The UAC is The General Assembly. The Executive Committee is composed of all Bishops and the Canons, who may also serve as Diocesan Administrators in developing dioceses. The Executive Committee is authorized to make emergency decisions between the annual meetings of the General Assembly, and acts in an advisory capacity to the Presiding Bishop.

The Office of the Presiding Bishop

The Most Rev. Craig Bergland, EFR, DD, Founding and Presiding Bishop

The Rev. Yvonne Younes, Canon to the Presiding Bishop

The Rev. John Lowey, Contemplative Ministries

The Executive Committee

Members: The Most Rev. Craig Bergland, EFR, Presiding Bishop; Bishop Elect Jerry Roy, Diocesan Administrator of the Mid-Atlantic; The Rev. Canon John Surinchak, Healing and Homeless Ministries; The Rev. Canon Tammy Dutcher, Diocesan Administrator of the Midwest; The Rev. Ed Holm, ADS

Dioceses and Members:

The Mid-Atlantic: Bishop Jerry Roy, Diocesan Administrator; Father Herriott, Father Holm, and Father Justin Roy.

The West: The Rev. Jacobsen-Cherry, Father Raidy, The Rev. Canon Dr. Surinchak.

The Midwest: The Rev. Canon Dutcher, Diocesan Administrator; Mother Abbott, and Father Serna.

Milwaukee: Presiding Bishop Bergland, The Rev. Gelhar, Father Kretschmer, Father Lowey, The Rev. Luepke, Mother Nugent, Mother Younes.


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  1. i wish to contact the presiding bishop.

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