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Ordination in the UAC



Anglican in Heritage, Interspiritual in Perspective and Practice…

Most Definitely NOT Your Grandmother’s Church


connected to the millennia old church and tradition of Christianity

serving in the present –

ready for the future of spirituality and faith

UAC Clergy are men and women from all walks of life who have responded to the call of God to bring the divine presence to all they encounter with a spirit of radical inclusion and a passion for justice and service.

For information about ministerial formation visit the website of the Anglican Divinity School – 

To inquire about discerning your vocation in The UAC, please contact the appropriate Senior Church Official in your time zone:

Pacific and Mountain Time Zones: Presiding Bishop Craig Bergland, at craig.bergland@gmail.com

Central Time Zone: Presiding Bishop Craig Bergland, at craig.bergland@gmail.com

Eastern Time Zone: The Rt. Rev. Jerry Roy, Bishop of the Mid-Atlantic, at rev.jerryroy@cox.net


If you are already validly ordained*: Presiding Bishop Craig Bergland at craig.bergland@gmail.com

*For the purposes of discernment of a vocation in The UAC, Internet ordinations are not considered valid ordinations. If your only ordination is an Internet ordination, please contact the appropriate senior Church official listed above in your time zone. We do take your ministry experience into consideration as we develop your discernment program.

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