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Interspirituality as Mutual Respect

RHIMES Interspirituality

The UAC is home to the RHIMES lineage of Interspirituality! R: Radically Inclusive. All RHIMES programs and agencies are radically inclusive, by which we mean that all people without exception are welcome to participate fully in all aspects of our communities. H: Heart-centered. Our spirituality does have what might be called a theological basis or […]

The Buddhist Christian: What’s in a Name, God?

Check out Presiding Bishop Craig Bergland’s latest post in The Buddhist Christian: What’s in a Name, God?. via The Buddhist Christian: What’s in a Name, God?.

The God Experience

The Rev. Yvonne Younes is a priest of The Universal Anglican Church in Dyersville, Iowa. God is so many different things to different cultures, different faiths, and in different times. God is Father, Yahweh, The Source, Brahman, Supreme Being, Allah. For some, “God isn’t”; that is, God simply does not exist. For others, there is […]