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Theological Musings of Mother Jubi

Atonement: The reconciliation of God and humans brought about by the redemptive life and death of Jesus. While the Universal Anglican Church has no official atonement theory, many if not most Christian denominations do. Unfortunately, most atonement theory is problematic for many reasons – not the least because they paint a shame-based sexist picture God […]


If you are waiting for God to descend from on high and rescue you then  you are bound to be disappointed. There is no external superhero God wearing a red cape and waiting to fly in and rescue you. The truth is that God dwells within us and calls us to wholeness and responsibility. So if […]

SearchLights Community: What matters most?

SearchLights Community: What matters most?. via SearchLights Community: What matters most?.

The Buddhist Christian: What’s in a Name, God?

Check out Presiding Bishop Craig Bergland’s latest post in The Buddhist Christian: What’s in a Name, God?. via The Buddhist Christian: What’s in a Name, God?.

The God Experience

The Rev. Yvonne Younes is a priest of The Universal Anglican Church in Dyersville, Iowa. God is so many different things to different cultures, different faiths, and in different times. God is Father, Yahweh, The Source, Brahman, Supreme Being, Allah. For some, “God isn’t”; that is, God simply does not exist. For others, there is […]

A Sermon for Christ the King from The Rev. Jubi Dutcher

I saw a very interesting play recently called the Iron Stag King. It was a variation on the mythological prince raised by a pauper and the adventures of the fellowship that wants to restore him safely to the throne. Throughout the play you find yourself rooting for the protagonists, but it starts to get a […]