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Tentative GA 2012 Agenda

Wednesday October 3rd


7pm: Contemporary Heart Community (Meditation Class) MCNP Room 315 (optional)

Thursday October 4th

9am: Opening Eucharist, (+Montoya preaching, Roy+ celebrating) MR

10am: Gathering and Introductions, Informal Ministry Sharing MR

Noon: Lunch on site, MR

1:30pm: Falling Upward: Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life +Bergland MR

2:30pm: Plenary and discussion, +JS MR

4:00 pm: Vocations Report +Montoya MR

5pm: Dinner

Friday October 5th

9:00am: Eucharist (Barker+ preaching, Reichard+ celebrating) MR

10:00am: Budget Presentation +Bergland MR

10:30am: Break

11:00am: Interfatith Worship Presentation: Jerry Roy+, MR

Noon: Lunch on site, MR

2:00pm Sacraments: Dutcher+, MR

3pm: Presentation: +Montoya MR

4:00 TBD MR

5:00pm: Dinner

Saturday October 6th

9:00am: Anglican Divinity School MR

10:00am: Community Building: The Rev. Kevin Ewing MR

11:00am: X-Rated Spirituality: +Bergland MR

Noon: Lunch on site, MR

1:00pm: Rehearsal

2:00pm Break

3:00pm: Ordinations (+Bergland preaching, Reichard+ celebrating) MR

5:00pm: Dinner

Sunday October 7th

10am: Closing Worship, +Selders preaching, Dutcher+ celebrating MCNP Chapel (tentative location)

1pm: Compassionate Heart Gathering (formerly Christ Enlight), MCNP Room 315 (optional)


*MR = Meeting Room in Hotel

MCNP = The Marian Center for Nonprofits

South Building – Contemplative/Compassionate Heart

3211 S. Lake Drive * St. Francis, WI 53235

MCNP Chapel in North Building

3195 S. Superior St. * Milwaukee, WI 53207

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