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Why the UAIC?

The religious landscape is changing. Institutional religion is in decline, and to a certain extent it does not matter whether or not the trend will be reversed. People have ventured out on their own, trying to build a spirituality that makes sense to them and that offers a way to make sense of our world. […]

Seeking Truth

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Thoughts to Ponder

Some thoughts for the day from Prior Scott Elliott and New Seeds Priory: One thing that I feel contributes to the collapse/implosion of traditional models of “church”, is that traditional forms of “church” have consistently failed to understand the difference between “nurturing” and “programing”. Living organisms like plants, animals and people require nurturing…nurturing including individual […]

Theological Musings of Mother Jubi

Atonement: The reconciliation of God and humans brought about by the redemptive life and death of Jesus. While the Universal Anglican Church has no official atonement theory, many if not most Christian denominations do. Unfortunately, most atonement theory is problematic for many reasons – not the least because they paint a shame-based sexist picture God […]

From Fr. Scott Elliott and New Seeds Priory

From New Seeds Priory: It’s time for a new question…For almost two millennia, Christian theologians have been asking questions about the presence of Christ in the sacrament of communion. So they’ve come up with all kinds of fancy theological gymnastic routines like “transubstantiation” or “consubstantiation”. The practice of Zen asks what I think is a much […]


If you are waiting for God to descend from on high and rescue you then  you are bound to be disappointed. There is no external superhero God wearing a red cape and waiting to fly in and rescue you. The truth is that God dwells within us and calls us to wholeness and responsibility. So if […]

SearchLights Community: What matters most?

SearchLights Community: What matters most?. via SearchLights Community: What matters most?.

Thoughts to Ponder…

This life is not forever. Is the argument you are having with a friend or loved one so important that you are willing to lose your relationship? There are times when it is that important, when we are being abused or mistreated or taken advantage of we simply have to walk away. Many times, the […]

Thoughts to Ponder…

The only person responsible for meeting our needs is us. We can ask others to help meet our needs and they may or may not agree. Even when we they do agree, they remain free to decide at some point they can no longer meet our need. Whatever their response, the only person ultimately responsible […]

Thoughts to Ponder…

Zen Buddhists talk about “beginner’s mind,” the idea that there is always something to learn. They recognize that the minute we feel we have “arrived” we shut ourselves down and become out of touch. There is always something to learn, always some benefit from every experience. If we keep ourselves open, we will continue to […]