current events

Tragedy in Oklahoma

The thoughts and prayers of The Universal Anglican Church are with the people of Oklahoma and all those impacted by the tornadoes of the past few days. Our hearts go out to the injured, the missing, those who have lost their lives, those traumatized by the events; as well as their loved ones, friends, and […]

Celibacy and Abuse

I just saw a “spiritual teacher” make a claim that mandatory celibacy for Roman Catholic priests is responsible for the pedophilia scandal in that Church. Nothing could be farther from the truth, and spreading such misinformation contributes to the ongoing culture of sexual abuse and violence in our country. I feel compelled to set the […]

Responding to Tragedy

In times of tragedy, it is tempting to write an immediate response. I have found it is wiser to wait twenty-four hours before writing at length about a tragedy and even then to do so in a very preliminary way, holding your conclusions loosely and keeping them open to revision as the shock fades away. […]