Do Criminal Courts Administer Justice?

This post originally appeared at A Pastoral Letter on the Acquittal of George Zimmerman In light of the George Zimmerman verdict, I believe many people are blaming the wrong system. There seems to be a presupposition that the job of criminal courts is to administer justice, and I believe that is a mistaken notion. […]

Tragedy in Oklahoma

The thoughts and prayers of The Universal Anglican Church are with the people of Oklahoma and all those impacted by the tornadoes of the past few days. Our hearts go out to the injured, the missing, those who have lost their lives, those traumatized by the events; as well as their loved ones, friends, and […]

Who We Are, a pastoral letter from the Presiding Bishop

Let me begin by saying I am not fan of Pastoral Letters as I find them to be almost exclusively the purview of the pompous. However, it has come to my attention that there is some concern around the ongoing Anglican identity of The UAC, probably at least in part due to the renaming of ADS to […]

Over Connected?

A Facebook friend of mine is on her way to Hawaii on a mother-daughter vacation. She took the bus from where she lives to her city of departure, and then of course flew to Hawaii. From both modes of transportation she reported that wi-fi was available, the bus and later plane were full because it […]

Social Media-The New Gospel (Anymeeting; Google+; Schoology; Moodle and More!) | Welcome to

Important insights from The Rev. Jesse Herriott! Social Media-The New Gospel (Anymeeting; Google+; Schoology; Moodle and More!) | Welcome to via Social Media-The New Gospel (Anymeeting; Google+; Schoology; Moodle and More!) | Welcome to

“Church” in a Time of Change

We live in a time of tremendous change within institutional religion, even without the pending election of a new Pope in the Roman Catholic Church! In many ways, the forms of religion in which our parents and grandparents found tremendous meaning and comfort no longer speak to us. I believe this is due at least […]

Celibacy and Abuse

I just saw a “spiritual teacher” make a claim that mandatory celibacy for Roman Catholic priests is responsible for the pedophilia scandal in that Church. Nothing could be farther from the truth, and spreading such misinformation contributes to the ongoing culture of sexual abuse and violence in our country. I feel compelled to set the […]

Manipulation in the Church

Presiding Bishop’s Statement on the Resignation of Benedict XVI

Dear Friends, Today we learned of the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI effective February 28th, 2013 due to concerns related to health and aging. The reactions have been mixed. Some have used this opportunity to express their ongoing anger at the Catholic Church over the pedophilia pandemic and felonious cover up of the same by […]

A Sermon for Christ the King from The Rev. Jubi Dutcher

I saw a very interesting play recently called the Iron Stag King. It was a variation on the mythological prince raised by a pauper and the adventures of the fellowship that wants to restore him safely to the throne. Throughout the play you find yourself rooting for the protagonists, but it starts to get a […]