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Why the UAIC?

The religious landscape is changing. Institutional religion is in decline, and to a certain extent it does not matter whether or not the trend will be reversed. People have ventured out on their own, trying to build a spirituality that makes sense to them and that offers a way to make sense of our world. The raw materials are out there. Our task is to locate them, put them together, and find a community in which we can practice this spirituality of our own – but not on our own. For a spirituality to be effective, it has to be allowed to play out in community – and the UAIC is just such a community.

With roots in a mainline tradition – Anglicanism, or the Episcopal Church – and a practice rooted in the commonalities of the great spiritual traditions, also called the perennial tradition. We believe we can learn from all the great traditions, incorporating teachings and practices to increase our own understanding. We also believe that people are well equipped to make their own decisions about their spiritual lives.

We invite you to explore our site and our offerings, and contact us with any questions or concerns!

About Craig Bergland

I am an interspiritual, progressive spiritual guide, teacher, priest, bishop, and pastor. I live in Milwaukee, WI and am the spiritual director of the Compassionate Heart Community here. I am the bishop founder of The Universal Anglican Interspiritual Church, a radically inclusive, progressive, alternative, post denominational Church that welcomes all people to participate fully in our traditional and non-traditional communities. I am also the founder of RHIMES, a radically inclusive, heart centered, interspiritual, meditative, engaged spirituality. In 2001 I founded Bishop Craig Ministries, which provides clergy services to all people regardless of spiritual or religious affiliation or history. I have published three books, "A Journey Toward Awakening," "Dispatches from the Interspiritual Front," and "RHIMES."

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