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This Grace-filled Moment

I realized, at some point during my pre-writing prayer, that each moment is grace-filled. Grace is a gift from God, it is not earned or merited, it simply is. It is not necessary to work for these moments, only recognize them.  They come, not at our command, but during our openness.  Amazing things have come from these moments. 

Grace-filled moments do not have to be during moments of prayer, but can occur spontaneously, any time we pay attention.  I have received grace-filled moments stuck in traffic, in lines at the grocery store, petting my cats, or cooking a meal.  I have recognized moments of grace while sharing a meal with others, or sitting around with my family just talking and enjoying each other’s company. They are grace-filled because I am filled with patience, peace, gratitude, and love.

The funny thing it, while I cannot force these moments, they all about awareness, receptivity, and response.  If you pause now, for just a few seconds and listen, I think you will find a grace-filled moment. It really is not necessary to look for them, they just happen!

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