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Pain and Spiritual Experience

Suzy Jacobson Cherry A classic blog by The Rev. Suzy Jacobson Cherry.

I’ve explored my migraines in relation to spirituality in this blog before.  (See “Beautiful Tunnel Vision” at http://thunarsdottir.livejournal.com/8624.html).  Today, I want to explore what happened with my migraine this past Tuesday.  I was in Claremont at the Claremont School of Theology Convocation and the celebrations of two great new beginnings:  the launch of te first interfaith university, Claremont Lincoln University and the addition of the Jain community to the consortium that is CLU.  I had awakened with a migraine.  I took ibuprofen, but of course it made no dent in the pain.  I wanted to be at the celebrations, so I went with trepidation and sat down in a seat toward the back of the theatre.  As I sat there, I discovered something that was later reinforced during an in-class meditation.  Part of this discovery was the awareness that I have had the same experience many times before…without realizing that something special was happening.

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About Craig Bergland

I am an interspiritual, progressive spiritual guide, teacher, priest, bishop, and pastor. I live in Milwaukee, WI and am the spiritual director of the Compassionate Heart Community here. I am the bishop founder of The Universal Anglican Interspiritual Church, a radically inclusive, progressive, alternative, post denominational Church that welcomes all people to participate fully in our traditional and non-traditional communities. I am also the founder of RHIMES, a radically inclusive, heart centered, interspiritual, meditative, engaged spirituality. In 2001 I founded Bishop Craig Ministries, which provides clergy services to all people regardless of spiritual or religious affiliation or history. I have published three books, "A Journey Toward Awakening," "Dispatches from the Interspiritual Front," and "RHIMES."

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