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Thoughts to Ponder

Scott ElliottSome thoughts for the day from Prior Scott Elliott and New Seeds Priory:

One thing that I feel contributes to the collapse/implosion of traditional models of “church”, is that traditional forms of “church” have consistently failed to understand the difference between “nurturing” and “programing”.

Living organisms like plants, animals and people require nurturing…nurturing including individual love and attention, spiritual nutrition, support, etc.  Soul-less, inanimate objects on the other hand, such as machines and computers, are “programmed”.  Programming is easier than nurturing, because programming only requires mindlessness and obedience.  Spirituality requires mindfulness, religion requires mindlessness.  As long as institutional, traditional “churches” remain focused on religious “programming”, then naturally they will fail to yield properly cultivated, spirit filled people.

So if your “church” has a constant focus on religious “programs”, then it is not nurturing anyone and will inevitably die a slow, painful death of starvation…and it will desperately ask you to cling to it and starve you to death, too.

About Craig Bergland

I am an interspiritual, progressive spiritual guide, teacher, priest, bishop, and pastor. I live in Milwaukee, WI and am the spiritual director of the Compassionate Heart Community here. I am the bishop founder of The Universal Anglican Interspiritual Church, a radically inclusive, progressive, alternative, post denominational Church that welcomes all people to participate fully in our traditional and non-traditional communities. I am also the founder of RHIMES, a radically inclusive, heart centered, interspiritual, meditative, engaged spirituality. In 2001 I founded Bishop Craig Ministries, which provides clergy services to all people regardless of spiritual or religious affiliation or history. I have published three books, "A Journey Toward Awakening," "Dispatches from the Interspiritual Front," and "RHIMES."

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