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Practicing Perfection: Shifting Sands

From Suzy Jacobson-Cherry, candidate for Ordination October 2013: Practicing Perfection: Shifting Sands.

Tragedy in Oklahoma

The thoughts and prayers of The Universal Anglican Church are with the people of Oklahoma and all those impacted by the tornadoes of the past few days. Our hearts go out to the injured, the missing, those who have lost their lives, those traumatized by the events; as well as their loved ones, friends, and […]

Who We Are, a pastoral letter from the Presiding Bishop

Let me begin by saying I am not fan of Pastoral Letters as I find them to be almost exclusively the purview of the pompous. However, it has come to my attention that there is some concern around the ongoing Anglican identity of The UAC, probably at least in part due to the renaming of ADS to […]


If you are waiting for God to descend from on high and rescue you then  you are bound to be disappointed. There is no external superhero God wearing a red cape and waiting to fly in and rescue you. The truth is that God dwells within us and calls us to wholeness and responsibility. So if […]

Search Lights — After Life (or after death?)

Search Lights — After Life (or after death?). via Search Lights — After Life (or after death?).