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Manipulation in the Church

Thoughts to Ponder…

The only person responsible for meeting our needs is us. We can ask others to help meet our needs and they may or may not agree. Even when we they do agree, they remain free to decide at some point they can no longer meet our need. Whatever their response, the only person ultimately responsible […]

Thoughts to Ponder…

Zen Buddhists talk about “beginner’s mind,” the idea that there is always something to learn. They recognize that the minute we feel we have “arrived” we shut ourselves down and become out of touch. There is always something to learn, always some benefit from every experience. If we keep ourselves open, we will continue to […]

Fr. John Surinchak at Work!

UAC Priest The Rev. Canon Dr. John Surinchak applies ashes to a client at St. Vincent’s dining hall on Ash Wednesday, 2013

Thoughts to Ponder – Behavior

One of the great challenges of life is to rise above unhealthy behavior not only in ourselves but in those around us. In ourselves, we are responsible for working to make our behavior more healthy. In those very close to us such as family and close friends all we can do is encourage them to […]

Originally posted on Rainbow Sacraments:
I just read someone’s musings on why people who don’t normally come to Church come on Ash Wednesday. One thing I think they missed is the importance of the physicality of it. Worshiping with our bodies can get us into a frame of mind (a sacred space?) that thinking alone…


Presiding Bishop’s Statement on the Resignation of Benedict XVI

Dear Friends, Today we learned of the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI effective February 28th, 2013 due to concerns related to health and aging. The reactions have been mixed. Some have used this opportunity to express their ongoing anger at the Catholic Church over the pedophilia pandemic and felonious cover up of the same by […]